“There is no beauty, but the beauty of action.” – Moroccan Proverb

Founders Richard Gant and Terrence Coles, build bridges to the many Diaspora cultures by connecting international, cutting edge professionals of African descent.

Since meeting at the Hollywood tech conference in 2007, they focused on digital solutions for cultural content providers in the exploding global market.

Mr. Coles’ rapid fire approach and extensive content delivery experience and Mr. Gant’s emotional and cultural-crossed background in the entertainment industry provided the necessary and potent tool for presenting and delivering The Pan Africanist model rooted in cultural connectivity.

Put simply, we bring the greatest talents and thought leaders together to share their best and brightest work.

There is a great need to provide solutions for media-driven companies wishing to control the distribution of their cultural assets. The Pan Africanist community is built from our distinct voice, technical solutions, and robust connections to form a global online resource for cultural institutions.


“We will present works that open possibilities available only in the African people’s epic drama.” – Richard Gant

Richard Gant was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the past 40 years his remarkable career in the entertainment industry has allowed him to follow his passions while being an ambassador for all people.

As an Actor and Director, Mr. Gant was fortunate to work with a multitude of New York’s award-winning talents. These successful efforts laid the groundwork for his work with South African icon Duma Ndlovu. The collaboration resulted in several groundbreaking cross-cultural productions, among them the Broadway Musical, Sheila’s Day.

Senegal’s President Abdulaye Wade asked Mr. Gant to lead in the development of Dakar’s new Theater of the Diaspora. The Collaboration with Terrence Coles in new technology applications for cultural connectivity, allowed Mr. Gant’s team to deliver solutions for a global “Virtual Theater.” The results included a signature network connectivity architecture paired with world-class content management and distribution (CMS). This is the foundation technology used in The Pan Africanist content architecture.


Terrence Coles was born and raised in Virginia. For more than 20 years, he has worked in Los Angeles in all facets of advertising and digital media production. Terrence recognized early the importance of telling stories across multiple platform and digital formats. His early collaborations in network functionality proved to be the framework needed for the global Pan Africanist content architecture.

Mr. Cole’s greatest strengths are rooted in e-commerce and broadcasting online media. With 15 years of interactive and digital production experience, he has produced cross-platform advertising and branded entertainment concepts including: Volkswagen, Activision, Beck’s Beer, Fuji Film, Kraft Fruit2O, Skyy Vodka, Aveda, LL Bean, and Fender.

Mr. Coles is known to deliver the most innovative, highest quality brand integration and content development solutions in the industry.

As professionals, Mr. Coles and Mr. Gant have gone beyond strategic planning to create a platform for connection and engagement. Your high value content is needed globally.

Technology Solution Partners


Our Solution Partner, Quantum Business Consulting Inc.’s primary commitment is to provide high quality solutions to our clients, while maintaining a focus on simplicity and scalability of service, as well as on the security of media assets.

The PanAfricanist platform was created by Quantum, to enable any size organization to extend the reach of their brand by becoming an instant global broadcaster with both live and on-demand media embedded into your own web site.

With our web based content management system, you can manage all your media needs, and then either utilize our widgets or have us manage it for you, to begin your global broadcasting.


@ Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles

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Califco Group LLC is a multi-disciplinary company that specializes in the design, planning construction, management and maintenance of real estate and infrastructural development projects.

The Califco Group staff have over 200 years of combined experience, with governmental agencies as well as numerous corporate clients in the United States of America and in Africa.

The firm has highly dedicated and qualified architects, engineers, planners, urban designers, project managers, construction supervisors and technical personnel to provide a wide and complete range of services.