The PanAfricanist TM Broadcasting Solutions enable you to:

  • Stream Live from your events
  • Stream on-Demand media from your own web site
  • Manage all your media content with a WYSIWYG web based admin console
  • Support mobile and broadband playback across most smart phones and major computer operating systems

The PanAfricanist Player

The PanAfricanist Player enables playback of videos or images to any device directly from your own web site. With our player you can be sure that your video streams are viewed at their best across both mobile and broadband devices.

All you need to do is use the web based Administrative Console to upload your videos, images, or even media based blogging, and then choose from multiple player styles, then paste your choice into your web site, and you are done.

The Player will automatically encode your videos to multiple formats, create thumbnails, and publish all your media directly into your secure media archive for playback on your web site with the player style of your choice.

The PanAfricanist Live

The PanAfricanist Live is a powerful live streaming player enabling you to become a live broadcaster directly from your video camera. Just download a local encoder and stream to The PanAfricanist Live.

With PanAfricanist Live, you can control when you broadcast and how the broadcast looks inside your own web site. You can optionally record all your live broadcasts and then download them for editing and make them available on-demand via the Player widgets for those who missed your live event.

Our platform also supports pay-per-view for your live events. Contact our team to find out how you can monetize your next broadcast with The PanAfricanist Live.

Encode to The PanAfricanist Live

Single and/or Multi Contributor Systems

The platform can make anyone a broadcaster, but how about including all your affiliates in your network or others in your company network. With the multi-contributor system we take the complexity away and provide a single place to aggregate media and content from anyone into one place.